Easy to love a place

Hey. you. guys. It’s been awhile, and it feels like eons since I ever thought of myself as an English assistant. It’s become a fun fact, small talk for hostel roommates and hotel receptionists. Maybe it will be easier to understand everything and attach a sane timeframe to it once I can look at it from the outside.

Ninety percent of the words I’m typing now are getting little red spellchecker slaps on the wrist from Firefox, because… I’m in Poland! Krakow, to be more specific, and with my sister, to be even more specific. And despite our best attempts to master the basics of the language (we made flashcards on the 10-hour train from Berlin, passing through beautiful countryside, charmingly old-school train stations, and abandoned building after abandoned building. It made me wonder what it looked like when everything was new. But anyway) we can’t get past a butched “Djen do-brei.” Which means good day, and isn’t even the right spelling, just my phonetic interpretation of it.

It’s been a whirlwind, nonstop four-ish weeks with the various members of my immediate family and there’s innumerable pictures and stories to come, maybe, but here are some things I’ve learned along the way (On my first flight over to France, I sat next to an old man who heard what I was going to do and told me, ‘You will be teaching, but you will also be learning,’ and I knew then that he was going to be right. But now I know he’s really, really right)….

  • You never realize how badly you need to shower until you’ve had one. This principle also applies to laundry. I’ve never been more excited for soft, matching socks.
  • Talking to people is ten times more fun than not talking. I thought this man in our hostel room was an unfriendly bro, until I realized he was listening to a French show on his ipod and finally worked up the courage to interrupt him. We struck up a chat and he became a friendly bro!
  • It is really rare to find ice at the supermarket in Europe, a fact that has escaped me for months and months until my parents arrived separately and asked for it on two separate occassions.
  • Berlin has been added to the list of places I could see myself moving to, as much of a pipe dream that is. Krakow is so beautiful, but it’s good to be moving on tomorrow (to Warsaw, briefly, before catching an all-night bus to Lithuania!). Being away from France also makes me realize how much more of that country I want to experience. I miss it.

I miss everyone I’ve met in the past 3+ years so badly. I miss having roommates. After all this, the thing I would want most in this world is a big couch and haphazard cooking and fun stories every Saturday morning. At least for the summer. Then we’ll talk.


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